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I’ve been taking part in a discussion on a forum about the portrayal of female superheroes in comics. The original post linked to this particular article, and the general consensus seems to have been that this is just someone who is being politically correct and has never read a comic before in their life. Comics have always been this way, its how we like them and we shouldn’t change them just because of some PC crap.

I personally think that’s not a fair response. Now, being a red blooded male, I’ll admit to liking female superheroes dressed in those skin tight outfits. I hated the run of Wonder Woman before the whole reboot because they changed her outfit from the usual outfit to a jacket and trousers, Wonder Woman has always had that recognisable look and I didn’t want it to change. However, I think there has been a growing trend of drawing these female characters in a titillating way just to draw in an audience. I don’t think its hard to tell that comic books has been a bit of a struggling art form as late, where they’re not as popular as they once were and I feel like this is scene as an easy go-to to try and pull in readers.

Now fair enough, I can understand that, and sometimes I enjoy it. What I don’t enjoy is when it seems to be at the sacrifice of a good story because in the end, what makes me read comics is the story and seeing how the characters evolve and deal with difficult situations. I think Red Hood and the Outlaws, and Catwoman are two examples where story has been sacrificed in favour of titillating the audience. The way Starfire has been portrayed is horrendous and I really don’t like the change to Catwoman. I loved Selina Kyle before the new 52. Her own series was great, seeing her relationship with Bruce develop was wonderful to see and then the run of Gotham City Sirens was fantastic. So of course I was ecstatic to see Catwoman having her own series in the new 52 and I got the first issue eagerly and what do I see? Depending on your viewpoint, she essentially rapes Batman. She doesn’t seem to be the fiercely independent and strong woman anymore. She looks more like a scared girl and I don’t like it.

So I agree somewhat with the original article. Now it’s not true in all cases, as usual this is a generalisation but I do get the feeling that when you see these characters being drawn like this, the story tends to be lacking. Whether the art draws away from the story, or just that the story isn’t good in the first place, I’m not sure, but it feels lacking.

But the impression I got from the discussion I was following was kind of different from the original link posted. The writer’s personal opinion was that the art detracts from the story. But now people are screaming about it’s the PC brigade trying to censor things and I think that’s a different issue. They claim that male superheroes are treated no differently than their female counterparts. Well I’m sorry everyone but you’re way wrong. It’s obvious to me that female superheroes are drawn very differently to male superheroes. That doesn’t mean that people are wrong for liking the way the female superheroes are drawn, that should be your choice, but to then claim that both are being treated equally is just ignorant in my opinion.

So I just felt the original issue actually had two discussions within it really and instead of ranting there, I decided to rant here instead.
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