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I've not got round to getting Frank's new album yet, but I have every intention of doing so. However, I've heard a particular song repeatedly on his tour diaries on youtube and so I had to search it out and hear more about it. I think I really love the song but I can easily see it upsetting a lot of people who have quite strong religious beliefs.

My own thoughts of what I believe in often sometimes feel quite complicated. I'm still not fully sure on what I believe in. Something I do feel quite certain of is that God, or whatever higher being there is or is not up there, does not influence the way we live our life. I've always believed that if there is a God, he's left us to do what we want and we have to live with the consequences of the decisions we make. S/He is not some superhero who will swing it at the last moment to save us, its up to us to do so ourselves. I don't believe that there is some great plan. We're all responsible for what we do.

I think that's why I really connect with Frank's song who I'm sure many will be offended by when he sings that "there never was no God". The thing is, if you're strong in your beliefs, then why would you care about what some singer has to say? If someone like that is enough to shake your beliefs then its likely your beliefs were not that strong to begin with.

Regardless of whether you believe in God (or any other higher being/s), I think a lot of people should take to heart his second verse.

"Not cowering in the dark before some overbearing priest,
No waiting until we die until we restitute the meek,
Not blaming all our failings on imaginary beasts,
Because there never was no God.
Not fighting over land your distant fathers told you of,
No spilling blood for those who never spread a drop of love,
No finger pointing justified by phantoms up above,
Because there never was no God."

So do I believe in God? I suppose not in the classical Christian sense. I feel like what I've done for the past 27 years is to learn as much as I can and I've seen how much there is in the universe, the countless stars and galaxies, and how it was all likely to form. How the Earth was formed not in seven days but over billions of years. What happened before the big bang? Who knows, but I know of some theories. I think maybe there is some sort of higher being or higher power, but I don't believe it has the influence over us like most others may believe.
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