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So for the longest time, I had been thinking about what to do with my hair. Basically, I love my long hair. It was something that I enjoyed having. However, thanks to genetics, I was blessed with a receding hairline that has only been getting worse, and the fact my hair was getting more annoying to deal with. It was knotting up more than ever despite doing all I could to stop it. And also the side of my head, the hair would grow to a certain point and would stop growing, leaving me with a weird mad scientist look that I've been keeping in check by trimming.

I know that most people who end up with receding hairlines find that a very short haircut is the best solution. It's something I thought about on and off and chatted with Megan and my Mum about in passing. The response was usually something like. "No! Your beautiful long hair!". However, this week I've been considering it seriously all week and finally this morning I took the plunge. I basically have a short cut all over now and I don't know if its the best look for me, but I feel a lot better now, which I think is important. And most of the comments I've got on it have been pretty positive. So bye bye to long hair. I know have super short hair.

(I'm going to get a Gourry wig for when I want to indulge, which was half the reason I wanted long hair anyway :P)

From New Haircut

From New Haircut
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