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So yes, I'm one of the few that actually enjoys Evangelion. Yes, I completely agree that the last few episodes and the movies were a complete mindfuck. But I love the series for the first 18 episodes or so. I love the animation style, I love the use of psychology, the physics psychbabble and the religious connotations. I love the story it represents and the history it has in place.

I've been following the new (rebuild) movies and only just recently got a hold of the second movie subtitles "You Can (Not) Advance". The first being called "You Are (Not) Alone". The first things that strike me when watching these is the animation and the attention to detail. Oh my God, it's beautiful. I don't think I've seen any other anime with such quality.

For those who don't know, the movies are essentially are retelling of the original series, but they throw a few twists and changes in. The first movie mainly concentrates on Shinji relunctantly becoming an Eva pilot like in the original series, and there is some emphasis on his relationship with Rei who is pretty introverted to the point of almost seeming cold and emotionless (which proves to me that Megumi Hayashibara is one of the best voice actors out there, going between Lina Inverse and Rei Ayanami is pretty incredible to me). The story here is almost point to point the same as the original series.

The second film however starts to bring a few changes. There's a new character introduced who seems to be one of the pilots based in America. Asuka's introduction is very different but her interaction with Shinji and Rei is the same (complete hate) but you don't get the weird fangirling over Kaji (Misato's ex). I feel like watching this, that they make an attempt to explain things more which I feel was never explained well in the original. I like the added details like how each country is only allowed a maximum of three Eva's active at once, hence later when the new Eva 03 is brought in, they have to stop using Eva 02, much to Asuka's extreme frustration. There are more changes involved too and the story appears to move much more quickly compared to the series, hence why I won't say much more else in case of spoilers for those who are interested and have not seen the movies yet.

I'm really looking towards the third movie and the fourth is supposed to introduce something completely new. But I'm loving the movies so far, the art style is so detailed, and the retelling of the story with certain changes brings a certain freshness to the series and something that I find more enjoyable.

The ending of both films so far have used the song Beautiful World by Utada Hikaru. The second film however ends with a remix which has been stuck in my head for days. I shall make you all suffer too (if you click on play).

I'm now obsessed with Evangelion again.


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