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So when I make the move over to the US, I have to work out how to get my stuff here in the UK, to over there. Upon discussion with my wife, we kind of figured it might end up being cheaper ship some things, like books and video games, and leave other things behind, like my computer, and build one there.

So I decided to take a look at and see if I could put together a decent little system for which I could use. And after about 30 minutes or so have deciding which components might be best, I came together with a system (no keyboard, mouse, webcam, or monitor) which cost around $850 (minus taxes and shipping). So I let Megan know.

(19:09:10) Mike: Ok, without shipping and taxes. I think I've put together a decent system for $841.92
(19:11:45) Mike: $858.76 with UPS 3 day service shipping
(19:12:12) Mike: That's without a mouse, keyboard, webcam and my dream of dual monitors :P
(19:19:32) MegsLeigh: And you say my iMac is expensive!!!'

Well, I decided to challenge her on this. I loaded up and looked at the selection of iMac's and did a comparison. It turned out the system I put together was best compared to the most expensive iMac that Apple has to offer. I chose an AMD Phenom II X6 T1090 which compares with an intel i7. The most expensive iMac? Only a quad core i5. Everything else was the same, memory, hard drive space. The only thing my system lost out on was graphics card. I had an ATI Radeon HD 4670. The iMac had the 4750. Remember how much my system cost. The iMac? $2,000.

But the iMac has a 27 inch display I hear you cry. Well, I've always wanted dual monitors and so I looked for two 24 inch monitors. Total cost? $440. Pushing my build up to $1300, still $700 cheaper than the iMac.

And just to add insult to injury.

(19:41:11) Mike: What's that? Your Mac has 4 2.0 USB ports?
(19:41:32) Mike: How about 6 2.0 USB ports and 2 3.0 USB ports! Suck it!
(19:42:21) MegsLeigh: Yes, dear, your balls are bigger than mine. *kisses your cheek*

(Yes I'm totally ignoring taxes but I bet it's still cheaper and better than a Mac :P)


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