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So I took part in a protest yesterday outside Anfield, the stadium for Liverpool F.C.. The owners had decided that the manager's time was up and despite stating mutual consent, effectively sacked him and has left the club in a pretty sorry state. A number of us were of course angry and so a protest was planned. We chanted, we marched, we held up banners. We explained to the media why we were there and why we were so upset...and an American flag was burned.

My first thought when I saw this happen? I didn't like it. I didn't like the message that I felt it was sending. I had thoughts of Muslim extremists in the Middle East declaring their hatred for the U.S.. I thought about my wife being upset by what happened.

After a couple of hours, we were finally dispersed by the police and I headed home. I told Megan what happened immediately when she asked me how it went. I pretty much knew what her reaction would be. Afterwards my Dad had thought the same and thought about me not telling her. But I told her she had to know, because I was sure she would find out eventually.

So there I was, kind of stuck in the middle with my American wife on one side and a club that I've loved and adored for as long as I can remember. Of course Megan wins easily, but I can't help but look at what was done closer, and maybe explain to those who might read this who are Americans, why what happened happened.

The current owners, Tom Hicks and George Gillett are Americans and I won't go into details about all the lying and the mess they've put the club I love in. I've joined a union and spent a lot of time fighting (most likely futilely) to get them out of there. I believe that the burning of the American flag was done with two things in mind. The first was that it was aimed solely towards the owners. I honestly don't believe they burned the flag in a way to show general hatred towards all Americans. A manger who has given a lot of us wonderful times has been sacked unfairly and those supporters who burned that flag wanted to get back at them. The second reason was publicity. If what I read is right, I believe that what has happened has been seen in America and has caused a lot of outrage. They say something like there's no such thing as bad publicity. A lot of people know what we did now, a lot more than would normally happen at any protest I've attended.

Does it make what happened right? No, I don't think so. Even if I wasn't married to an American, that action wouldn't have sat right with me. However, can I see why it was done? Yes, I do. I suppose some of you might ask how I would feel if the reverse occured, and the St George, or Union Jack was burned. I personally wouldn't care. I think a lot of people in Liverpool wouldn't care. Culturally we're not as patriotic as those in the U.S., and especially in Liverpool, we feel very different to the rest of England and the U.K.. I've always joked with Megan when I say that I'm not English, I'm Scouse. But in a sense it's true. I'm more proud of being from Liverpool than I am from England, or the U.K.

Anyway. I just felt like I had to write about it, and I guess I'm interested to see what you guys think.
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